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Most members of OR&S work closely together with OR-AS. OR-AS develops Applications and Solutions in the domain of Operations Research and relies on a approach which is a well-balanced combination between academic and theoretical knowledge and practical experience. The OR-AS methodolgy consists of a well-considered combination of data analysis, simulation and optimization using state-of-the-art tools and techniques, and hence, follows a similar approach than the research done at the OR&S group.

The OR-AS activities are mainly focused on Project Management (PM) activities, including project scheduling, risk analysis and project control. The following two figures contain a summary of the promotional leaflets for 8 different PM related topics (The individual leaflets can be downloaded from the internet), including a reference to the OR&S site. The two-pages leaflet is copyrighted by OR-AS who is responsible for most of the results mentioned below and aims at integrating research and academic knowledge with practice and business results.

  • PMKC: Visit our online learning tool and integrate it with the content of the PM course.
  • PSG: Play our game at universities and business schools.
  • ProTrack: Schedule your projects, measure their risk and control their performance using the third release of the commercial software tool ProTrack.
  • Bookstore: Visit our bookstore and download free articles to stay up-to-date.
  • P2 Engine: Use all features of ProTrack 3.0 (and more) in a research environment and advance the state-of-the-art using our research tool P2 Engine.
  • OR&S research group: meet and greet the people of our research group at Ghent University or join them by applying on a research vacancy.
  • EVM Europe: Come and see other PM professionals at our yearly event where research meets practice (stopped in 2018)
  • CRA project: Join our big research study at Ghent University and help us in advancing the state-of-the-art research in Project Management by applying on a research vacancy. 


Figure 1. PMKC, ProTrack, PSG and the OR-AS bookstore (Source:


Figure 2. P2 Engine, OR&S, EVM Europe and CRA (Source: