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Project Data

Welcome to the OR&S project database

On this page, you will find different databases for project portfolio scheduling, risk analysis and project control.

  1. Artificial project data: Several datasets containing +30,000 instances (and the option to create up to almost 4 million project instances)
  2. Empirical project data: 1 dataset with real projects with +180 project instances
  3. Project portfolio data: 2 datasets with almost 40,000 project portfolio instances
  4. Solutions Update: A new website where you can download and upload best known solutions
  5. Bookstore: Get to know how to use data for managing projects
  6. Quick links: If you don't want to read everything on this website, go to the bottom of this page and click on the quick links.

1. Artificial project data

OR&S has generated several datasets with several project instances for different versions of the well-known resource-constrained project scheduling problem.

The resource-constrained project scheduling problem (RCPSP) 

  • Download our 13 datasets ( This folder contains an excel file with best known solutions, and the following datasets:
    • A summary of five datasets (RG30, RG300, DC1, DC2 and MT) is given in Vanhoucke et al. (2016).
    • The PSPLIB instances are proposed in Kolisch and Sprecher (1996).
    • A dataset CV with 623 hard instances (for exact procedures) is proposed in Coelho and Vanhoucke (2020).
    • A dataset sD with 390 hard instances (for heuristic procedures) is proposed by Coelho and Vanhoucke (2023).
    • A new dataset MH with 461 instances (for mat heuristic procedures) is coming online soon (paper currently under revision).
    • The full NetRes dataset can be generated using the MT set (only network data) and the NetRes data files (only resource data) containing almost 4 million projects as proposed in Vanhoucke and Coelho (2018).
      • The 1kNetRes is a subset of NetRes and contains 3,810 instances. 
      • The VNR set is another subset of NetRes with 1,750 instances proposed in Van Eynde et al. (2024).
    • The LPP and LPSP datasets are large-sized instances proposed in Luo et al. (2022).
    • Each instance consists in four versions: the original instance, the lowRU and highRD instances (Vanhoucke and Coelho (2021)) and the optimal equivalent instances (Vanhoucke and Coelho (2024)).
  • Visit RCPSP webpage for further details.

The multi-mode resource-constrained project scheduling problem (MMRCPSP) 

The resource-constrained project scheduling problem with alternative subgraphs (RCPSP-AS) 

The multi-skilled resource-constrained project scheduling problem (MSRCPSP) 

2. Empirical project data

OR&S has also created a project dataset with project instances from companies, initially consisting of 52 projects, but now grown to +180 real projects. This dataset contains project networks with resources for scheduling the project (RCPSP) but also risk data and project control data. The integration of project scheduling, schedule risk analysis and project control is called "Dynamic Scheduling" (DS, Vanhoucke (2013)).

3. Project portfolio data

The resource-constrained multi-project project scheduling problem (RCMPSP)

4. Solutions Update (download data and upload solutions)

We have developed a new tool "SolutionsUpdate" to download and upload solutions for the resource-constrained project scheduling problem using all datasets described above. The system is explained in Vanhoucke and Coelho (2018) and the new tool and website can be accessed on

5. Bookstore

Visit our bookstore ‚Äčand get to know how to manage projects with data. The bookstore contains 3 free books and 6 published books:

6. Quick links

Under construction (coming soon): Link to "download summary flyer" and "Download all data".