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Real data

Real project data

We are currently working hard on collecting real data and classifying it into a new commercial project database. The database will contain baseline scheduling data (network, resources, ...), risk analysis data (for Monte-Carlo simulations) and project control data (using EVM and ES metrics). This website is continuously under construction (see history at the bottom of this page) and new data will be added upon availability. 

Empirical project data

The collection of empirical project data started in 2008 (with the first projects finished in 2011) and the data and interesting references are as follows:

Classification: The original database, consisting of 52 empirical projects, has been proposed in the study of Batselier and Vanhoucke (2015). The data is classified using two criteria (completeness and authenticity) using a colour code (green, yellow, red). This classification model is presented in this paper.

Batselier, J. and Vanhoucke, M., 2015, "Construction and evaluation framework for a real-life project database", International Journal of Project Management, 33(3), 697–710 (doi:10.1016/j.ijproman.2014.09.004).

More data: In 2016, we started to provide the literature with an overview of both artificial and empirical project databases, as summarised in Vanhoucke et al. (2016). Things changed to quickly that the paper was out of date after one year. A recent update, with more references, is available at our project data website

Vanhoucke, M., Coelho, J. and Batselier, J., 2016, "An overview of project data for integrated project management and control", Journal of Modern Project Management, 3(2), 6–21 (download).

Full summary: In 2023, the database has been updated and consists now of 181 empirical projects. The update is described in the book "The Illusion of Control" by Vanhoucke (2023).

Vanhoucke, M., 2023, "The illusion of control: Project data, computer algorithms and human intuition for project management and control", Springer (look at it)

The data: The projects are available as the DSLIB dataset and accompanied by an MS Excel file providing a summary. Visit our project data website for more information.

Download the dynamic scheduling library (DSLIB) from the OR&S project data webpage

Download our data

Below you find a list of project data, including a project card with summary data for each project and a ProTrack file. Furthermore, all data are also available in the form of Excel output sheets generated by the PMConverter, which include visualizations and evaluations of the time and cost performance of the projects. The table below will be updated when more project become available.
ID Code Project name Sector
1 C2011-01 Nursing Home Noordhinder Construction (commercial building)
2 C2011-02 Social Housing Kortrijk Construction (residential building)
3 C2011-03 Family Day Event Management
4 C2011-04 Railway Station Sint-Joost Construction (civil)
5 C2011-05 Telecom System Agnes IT
6 C2011-06 Veterinary Exposition Event Management
7 C2011-07 Patient Transport System IT
8 C2011-08 Sports Center Tielt Construction (civil)
9 C2011-09 Commercial IT Project IT
10 C2011-10 Building a House Construction (residential building)
11 C2011-11 Eating Belgium Event Management
12 C2011-12 Claeys-Verhelst Premises Construction (commercial building)
13 C2011-13 Wind Farm Construction (industrial)
14 C2011-14 Hotel Reylof Construction (commercial building)
15 C2012-01 Manufacturing Tool Cost Module IT
16 C2012-02 Nut Mixing Station Construction (industrial)
17 C2012-03 Day Care Construction (institutional building)
18 C2012-04 Asti-Cuneo Highway Construction (civil)
19 C2012-05 Tappan Zee Bridge Construction (civil)
20 C2012-06 Youth Hostel Merkenveld Construction (commercial building)
21 C2012-07 Solar Park Construction (industrial)
22 C2012-08 Sea Electricity Construction (industrial)
23 C2012-09 Digipolis Talent Management Suite IT
24 C2012-10 Gabala Resort Outdoor Pool Construction (commercial building)
25 C2012-11 MIVB SeSaMe Construction (civil)
26 C2012-12 Railway Station Ghent Construction (civil)
27 C2012-13 Pumping Station Jabbeke Construction (civil)
28 C2012-14 Sluiskil Tunnel Construction (civil)
29 C2012-15 The Master Project Education
30 C2012-16 Metal Extraction Construction (industrial)
31 C2012-17 Building a Dream Construction (residential building)
32 C2013-01 Wiedauwkaai Fenders Construction (civil)
33 C2013-02 Sewage Plant Hove Construction (civil)
34 C2013-03 Brussels Finance Tower Construction (institutional building)
35 C2013-04 Kitchen Tower Anderlecht Construction (institutional building)
36 C2013-05 PET Packaging Engineering
37 C2013-06 Government Office Building Construction (institutional building)
38 C2013-07 Family Residence Construction (residential building)
39 C2013-08 Timber House Construction (residential building)
40 C2013-09 Urban Development Project Construction (commercial building)
41 C2013-10 Town Square Construction (civil)
42 C2013-11 Recreation Complex Construction (civil)
43 C2013-12 Young Cattle Barn Construction (institutional building)
44 C2013-13 Office Finishing Works (1) Construction (commercial building)
45 C2013-14 Office Finishing Works (2) Construction (commercial building)
46 C2013-15 Office Finishing Works (3) Construction (commercial building)
47 C2013-16 Office Finishing Works (4) Construction (commercial building)
48 C2013-17 Office Finishing Works (5) Construction (commercial building)
49 C2014-01 Mixed-use Building Construction (residential building)
50 C2014-02 Playing Cards Engineering
51 C2014-03 Organizational Development Education
52 C2014-04 Compressor Station Zelzate Construction (industrial)
53 C2014-05 Apartment Building (1) Construction (residential building)
54 C2014-06 Apartment Building (2) Construction (residential building)
55 C2014-07 Apartment Building (3) Construction (residential building)
56 C2014-08 Apartment Building (4) Construction (residential building)
57 C2015-01 Young Cattle Barn (2) Construction (institutional building)
58 C2015-02 Railway Station (1) Construction (civil)
59 C2015-03 Industrial Complex (1) Construction (industrial)
60 C2015-04 Apartment Building (5) Construction (residential building)
61 C2015-05 Apartment Building (6) Construction (residential building)
62 C2015-06 Family Residence (2) Construction (residential building)
63 C2015-07 Industrial Complex (2) Construction (industrial)
64 C2015-08 Garden Center Construction (commercial building)
65 C2015-09 Railway Station (2) Construction (civil)
66 C2015-10 Tax Return System (1) IT
67 C2015-11 Staff Authorization System IT
68 C2015-12 Premium Payment System IT
69 C2015-13 Broker Account Conversion System IT
70 C2015-14 Supplementary Pensions Database IT
71 C2015-15 FACTA System IT
72 C2015-16 Generic Document Output System IT
73 C2015-17 Insurance Bundling System IT
74 C2015-18 Tax Return System (2) IT
75 C2015-19 Receipt Numbering System IT
76 C2015-20 Policy Numbering System IT
77 C2015-21 Investment Product (1) IT
78 C2015-22 Risk Profile Questionnaire IT
79 C2015-23 Investment Product (2) IT
80 C2015-24 CRM System IT
81 C2015-25 Beer Tasting Event Management
82 C2015-26 Debt Collection System IT
83 C2015-27 Railway Station Antwerp Construction (civil)
84 C2015-28 Website Tennis Vlaanderen IT
85 C2015-29 Fire Station Construction (institutional building)
86 C2015-30 Social Apartments Ypres (1) Construction (residential building)
87 C2015-31 Social Apartments Ypres (2) Construction (residential building)
88 C2015-32 Social Apartments Ypres (3) Construction (residential building)
89 C2015-33 IJzertoren Memorial Square Construction (civil)
90 C2015-34 Roadworks Poperinge Construction (civil)
91 C2015-35 Retirement Apartments Construction (residential building)
92 C2016-01 Railway Bridge (1) Construction (civil)
93 C2016-02 Railway Bridge (2) Construction (civil)
94 C2016-03 Railway Bridge (3) Construction (civil)
95 C2016-04 Railway Bridge (4) Construction (civil)
96 C2016-05 Railway Bridge (5) Construction (civil)
97 C2016-06 Defense Building Construction (institutional building)
98 C2016-07 Shopping Village Walkways Construction (commercial building)
99 C2016-08 SCM System IT
100 C2016-09 Data Loss Prevention System IT
101 C2016-10 Biofuel Refinery Engineering
102 C2016-11 Residential House (1) Construction (residential building)
103 C2016-12 Residential House (2) Construction (residential building)
104 C2016-13 Residential House (3) Construction (residential building)
105 C2016-14 Residential House (4) Construction (residential building)
106 C2016-15 Residential House Structural Work Construction (residential building)
107 C2016-16 Residential House Finishing Works (1) Construction (residential building)
108 C2016-17 Residential House Finishing Works (2) Construction (residential building)
109 C2016-18 Residential House Finishing Works (3) Construction (residential building)
110 C2016-19 Residential House Finishing Works (4) Construction (residential building)
111 C2016-20 Residential House Finishing Works (5) Construction (residential building)
112 C2016-21 Residential House Finishing Works (6) Construction (residential building)
113 C2016-22 Residential House Finishing Works (7) Construction (residential building)
114 C2016-23 Residential House Finishing Works (8) Construction (residential building)
115 C2016-24 Residential House Finishing Works (9) Construction (residential building)
116 C2016-25 Residential House Finishing Works (10) Construction (residential building)
117 C2016-26 Residential House Finishing Works (11) Construction (residential building)
118 C2016-27 Apartment Building Foundations Construction (residential building)
119 C2016-28 Apartment Building Structural Work (1) Construction (residential building)
120 C2016-29 Apartment Building Structural Work (2) Construction (residential building)
121 C2016-30 Apartment Building Structural Work (3) Construction (residential building)
122 C2016-31 Apartment Building Finishing Works (1) Construction (residential building)
123 C2016-32 Apartment Building Finishing Works (2) Construction (residential building)
124 C2016-33 Apartment Building Finishing Works (3) Construction (residential building)
125 C2016-34 Apartment Building Finishing Works (4) Construction (residential building)
126 C2016-35 Sweetpack Construction (Industrial)
127 C2016-36 Residential reconstruction Construction (residential building)
128 C2016-37 Event planning Event management
129 C2016-38 Passive house construction Construction (residential building)
130 C2016-39 Investment building Construction (residential building)
131 C2016-40 Artes Project (1) Construction (commercial building)
132 C2016-41 Artes Project (2) Construction (commercial building)
133 C2016-42 Shared bike app development Mobility
134 C2016-43 Mail delivery app IT
135 C2017-01 Apartment Construction Construction (commercial building)
136 C2017-02 Charging block network Mobility
137 C2017-03 Hydrogen Island Construction (Civil)
138 C2017-04 Recy-call Event management
139 C2017-05 JobFair Gent Event management
140 C2017-06 Landing gear development Engineering
141 C2018-01 App development IT
142 C2018-02 eScooter Mobility
143 C2018-03 Castelein Construction (Industrial)
144 C2018-04 Christmas market (1) Event management
145 C2018-05 Music festival Event management
146 C2018-06 Camera network Construction (civil)
147 C2018-07 WKB development IT
148 C2018-08 Bikesharing platform Mobility
149 C2018-09 CarSharing platform Mobility
150 C2018-10 Fontein Construction (Civil)
151 C2018-11 Warehouse renovation Construction (Industrial)
152 C2018-12 Cornflakes new taste Engineering
153 C2018-13 Christmas market (2) Event management
154 C2019-01 Lepelstraat Construction (residential building)
155 C2019-02 Social Housing Construction (residential building)
156 C2019-03 Emergency Department Construction (civil)
157 C2019-04 Nuclear Healthcare Construction (civil)
158 C2019-05 Fuel Tank Filter Engineering
159 C2019-06 Production Line Change Engineering
160 C2019-07 Gluing Machinge Engineering
161 C2019-08 Labeling Machine Engineering
162 C2019-09 Recreation building Construction (commercial building)
163 C2019-10 Family Residence (3) Construction (residential building)
164 C2019-11 Tournament infrastructure Event management
165 C2019-12 Residential apartment building Construction (residential building)
166 C2019-13 Weekend trip organisation Event management
167 C2019-14 Weekend trip preparation Event management
168 C2019-15 Electrical step sharing platform Mobility
169 C2019-16 Lock Ganzepoot Construction (civil)
170 C2019-17 Wine production Engineering
171 C2019-18 Greenhouse Construction (Industrial)
172 C2019-19 Traditional house Construction (residential building)
173 C2019-20 Paradice Construction (commercial building)
174 C2019-21 Tanglewood 4 Engineering
175 C2019-22 BAM deelproject 1 Construction (Civil)
176 C2019-23 BAM deelproject 2 Construction (Civil)
177 C2019-24 BAM deelproject 3a Construction (Civil)
178 C2019-25 BAM deelproject 3b Construction (Civil)
179 C2019-26 BAM deelproject 4 Construction (Civil)
180 C2019-27 BAM deelproject 6 Construction (Civil)
181 C2019-28 BAM deelproject 7 Construction (Civil)


  • Last update (April 2023): The database now consists of 181 projects as described in "The Illusion of Control" by Mario Vanhoucke.
  • August, 2019: 8 projects added (C2019-01 to C2019-08) with corrective actions for the paper "Integrating corrective actions in project time forecasting using exponential smoothing" (Journal of Management in Engineering, 2020, doi: 10.1061/(ASCE)ME.1943-5479.0000806)
  • October 19, 2016: 34 new projects added (ProTrack and MS Excel file format)
  • December 10, 2015: 32 new projects added (ProTrack and MS Excel file format)
  • On March 15, 2015, I promised to put some excel files online with data for 10 projects. While all projects above can be downloaded in ProTrack format, 10 of them are available in MS Excel format and can be downloaded here. 
  • January 21, 2015: 5 new projects added.
  • July 9, 2014: Project cards for 16 remaining projects added.
  • June 2, 2014: ProTrack files for C2013-05, C2014-01, C2014-02 and C2014-03 added.
  • April 23, 2014: 51 projects added (some still to be completed).
  • Update: March 14, 2014: Website constructed and documents to add your data added

Submit your own data

In order to further extend our database to carry out current and future research intentions, new project data can be submitted through use of the PMConverter. This software tool allows the conversion of data from a standardized Excel sheet to a ProTrack file. Free demo versions with limited functionality or free fully functional students versions of ProTrack can be ordered here.
Below you find a short summary of the data points we need in order to put it in our ever growing database to carry out our current and future research intensions. More detailed information can be found at the PMConverter webpage. The documents that can be downloaded are as follows:
  • Guideline for project data input: Description of the data we need, classified in necessary and additional data points.
    • Data points that are “necessary” refer to inputs we really need since otherwise we cannot analyse the data.
    • Data points that are “additional” refer to inputs we really like to have to support our research, but if you don’t have them, it’s not a major problem.
  • Project data input sheet: Excel sheet where the data can be plugged in. Alternative formats such as txt formats are also welcome but the excel file can be used as a guideline for the way data should be formatted.
  • Project card: Summary card we will make for each project you deliver.