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Visit the submenus of the research page, and see our current and past research lines:

  • Project data: Download artificial and empirical datasets to test new scheduling algorithms
  • Project scheduling pages
    • RCPSP: Resource-constrained project scheduling problem
    • MMRCPSP: Multi-mode resource-constrained project scheduling problem
    • RCPSP-DC: Resource-constrained project scheduling problem with discounted cash flows
    • RCPSP-AS: Resource-constrained project scheduling problem with alternative subgraphs
    • RCPSP-SAT: Resource-constrained project scheduling problem with SAT optimisation 
    • MSRCPSP: Multi-skilled resource-constrained project scheduling problem
    • RACP: The resource availability cost problem
    • DTCTP: The discrete time/cost trade-off problem
    • RCMPSP: The resource-constrained multi-project scheduling problem
  • Project control pages:
    • EVM: Earned Value Management
    • SPC: Statistical project control
    • AI: Artificial intelligence
  • Project contracting using incentives
  • Machine scheduling (including job shop)