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Integrated Seminar Exercise

Course objectives and method

The purpose of this seminar is to emphasize the integration between the management of the different functional domains on the operational level. Moreover, the course gives the opportunity to apply the techniques and concepts already taught in different courses into the context of a real company.
The students will work in small groups in order to thoroughly analyse a case study, and report their findings in a paper and present their results to a team of experts.
It is the intention that the students use knowledge and abilities acquired during the Bachelor program to conduct independent and scientific (hence critical) research. In this way they will acquire the skill to analyse and solve problems in a scientific manner. At the same time students will have to collaborate with different teams of students and will need to write down and present their findings appropriately and convincingly. This enhances the students’ communicative skills and their ability to work in team.

Course material

Textbook: There is no textbook. The slides and the case material will be put available via Academia Press. 
Software: For the construction of a production plan, students need to build an optimization model. There are very powerful tools available on the market, but MS Solver is probably the most widely known tool for students. It's simple, it's integrated with MS Excel, it's powerful and ... it's free. MS Solver can be automatically added to your Windows and Mac Excel version (shown here). For Excel 2008 on Mac, it must be installed as a separate application (download here).

Lectures (2024)

Check UFORA for updates

Excel files (2024)

Download the excel files with data you need for your case study (right click and SAVE AS... if you can't download)